The Original Silver Magic

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  • Instantly removes tarnish
  • Cleans silver, gold, copper, platinum...
  • Includes 1 large plate, 1 small plate
  • Bonus Mini Silver Magic Clean your jewelry effortlessly!

From tarnished to polished in no time!

Used in museums worldwide to polish prized collections, this amazing electrolyic cleaning plate removes tarnish instantly. Silver Magic’s non-abrasive cleaning method gets rid of tarnish from silver, gold, copper and platinum without scrubbing or polishing. Placing items in contact with the plate along with baking soda and HOT water creates an electrolytic reaction that draws the tarnish away in seconds! It’s fast and easy to use! Silver Magic is environmentally friendly and contains no harmful chemicals. It can be used over and over, and it never wears out!

It’s SUPER Easy!

  1. Place plate in container
  2. Add baking soda
  3. Place item on plate & add HOT water

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