Sink Snake

Product # 2611
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  • Plumber’s Quality!
  • Instantly clear slow-moving drains
  • Flexible design – No need to remove drain stopper
  • For bathroom sinks, showers and tubs
  • Made with commercial quality carbon steel cable
  • Upgraded cable coating
  • No more chemical drain cleaners!
  • Long lasting – reuse it over and over!
  • Includes Shower & Tub Snake, Sink Snake and hook for easy storage!
  • Product #2611

Slow drains…fixed fast!

Sink Snake Drain Hair Removal Tool is the quick & easy way to clear slow moving drains! Simply glide Sink Snake down the drain, twist, then pull out. Sink Snake’s specially designed head grabs and locks onto hair clogs to remove and free the drain instantly! Its flexible design easily maneuvers down the drain to seek out clogs without having to remove the drain stopper. Sink Snake Plumber’s Quality is made with commercial quality carbon steel cable and upgraded cable coating to tackle even the toughest drain clogs and to last even longer! For bathroom sinks, showers and tubs.

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