Fun Tracks - 12FT Bendable Glowing Raceway

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Circuitous Technology Curve, Bend and Flex in every direction for a different speedway

Fun Tracks Race Set uses segmented tracks to let kids make their own unique race tracks. Cars light up and the track glows in the dark.

  • DESIGN YOUR OWN TRACK- Flexible Tracks Curve, Bend and Ramp up as you please
  • EASY TO CONNECT 240 SECTIONS - Curve'em, Bend'em, Twist'em, and Snap'em in a Flash glow in the dark tracks
  • LIGHT UP RACE CAR - Race Car lights up the way with 5 LED lights
  • CUSTOMIZABLE CAR - Customize your car and accessories with over a 100 decals
  • TRACK ROLLS UP FOR FAST CLEAN UP - includes 240 Flexible Clickable Sections of Track, 1 LED Light Up Race Car, Peel and Stick decals and A Travel Pouch for Easy Storage

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