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Full Freedom Medical Grade Compression Socks are so comfortable, you will hardly notice you have them on.

Expertly woven to be light yet effective, they provide exceptional fit, consistent medical grade graduated compression and unsurpassed comfort to your foot, ankle and calf.   Made by combining silky-soft microfiber and Elastane, they will keep their shape as they help improve circulation, reduce swelling and provide relief from tired legs, sore ankles and aching feet.  Great for travel and everyday wear. Comfortable enough to wear ALL DAY !

HELPS: Improve Circulation Reduce Swelling and Fluid Retention
Medical Grade Graduated Compression 14-20 mm Hg
Silky Soft Woven Microfiber Blend.
14% Elastane  / 86% Nylon Microfiber

Ideal for:

  • Light varicose veins
  • Tired aching legs
  • Sore and swollen   ankles and feet
  • Stiffness and fatigue

Full Freedom Compression Socks Unisex Colors & Size Chart:

StyleFits MenFits Ladies
05520 - Medium
6 - 97 - 11
05521 - Large
10 - 1312 +
05524 - Medium
6 - 97 - 11
05523 - Large
10 - 1312 +





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