E-Zee Eggs Electric Cooker

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Automatic shut off cooks your eggs to perfection!

  • Includes measuring cup with water level
    guides for SOFT, MEDIUM or HARD-boiled
  • Removable egg tray for easy handling
  • Stainless steel boiling water plate distributes heat evenly
  • Integrated piercing pin helps prevent egg cracking while cooking
  • Non-electric parts are dishwasher safe

This compact kitchen appliance cooks up to 7 eggs at a time. The included measuring cup allows you to add the appropriate amount of water to control cooking time for Soft, Medium or Hard-boil. The integrated piercing pin helps prevent eggs from cracking during cooking. Unlike conventional egg cooking methods, you do NOT need to worry about undercooking, overcooking or forgetting the pot on the stove! Simply place your eggs on the cooking tray, add water and plug it in. When eggs are ready, the built-in thermostat switches off the boiler and the buzzer sounds.  The E-Zee EggsTM electric egg cooker takes the guesswork out!

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