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Who pays full price these days? Not you, that’s for sure! That’s why Clearpoint Deals is here. At Clearpoint Deals you can find discounts and daily deals of up to 70% off already heavily discounted items. It seems almost too good to be true – well it is true! Don’t believe us? Go to Clearpoint Deals where you can find discount deals that will knock your socks off!

How can we offer such discounted prices? Clearpoint Deals is a subsidiary of Clearpoint Direct where we already offer low, low prices and have connections to some of the biggest distributers in North America. We heard your pleas for more discounted merchandise and we search high and low for the best deals around and we pass these directly on to you.

Clearpoint Direct was established in 1999 as a leading source of new, innovative and cost effective merchandise to make your life a little easier, comfortable or maybe even a little more fun! Through affiliate partnerships with brand name products from national companies, often recognized for their attention grabbing commercials, we are able to bring you the latest high quality products that make your life better through convenience, wellness, comfort, time saving or space saving means. Our goal is to bring these goods to you at the lowest prices possible.

Clearpoint Direct is a subsidary of Nuvatek, developer, marketer and distributor of proven consumer products destined to retail markets. All customer transactions are processed by Nuvatek and will appear on the client's credit card statement. 

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