$12.95 for a Magna Shield - Magnetic All Season Windshield Wrap

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Magna Shield - Magnetic All Season Windshield Wrap

  • Heavy-duty magnets
  • Save time, energy and back-breaking work!
  • Protect against ice, snow, bird droppings, leaves, sap, sun, UV and more!
  • Installs in seconds
  • Avoid scratches and broken trim
  • Keep car interior cool
  • For front and back windows
  • Integrated storage pouch
  • Store in glove compartment
  • Machine washable durable nylon

CAR 63" x 38"
Secure with 5 heavy-duty magnets

SUV & VAN 72" x 38"
Secure with 7 heavy-duty magnets


The Offer

  • Includes one Magna Shield
  • Shipping and Handling: $2.00
    (S&H charges are applied per offer)
  • Taxes are extra and are paid at the time of checkout

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