Tummy Tuck Panties

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  • All-day cool comfort & lasting support GUARANTEED!
  • Take up to 3 inches off your stomach, hips, thighs & buttocks.
  • Gently lifts, supports & flattens sagging stomach muscles
  • Supports lumbar area to ease lower back strain
  • Provides firmer smooth rounded sexier shape to buttocks
  • 3-inch band adjusts perfectly for the look you want
  • Special Spandex / Nylon blend with cotton liner provides all-day comfort & support
  • Machine Washable. so comfortable you'll want several pairs!

Flatten your tummy instantly!

Our amazing Tummy Tuck Panty has been specifically designed to trim inches from your stomach, waist, hips, thighs & buttocks while providing cool lasting all day support. Breathable cotton lined Spandex/Nylon material gracefully maintains its proper level of support to weak or sagging stomach muscles. Won't bulge, ride or roll up. Full-seam back panel gently lifts, firms up, and promotes youthful sexy rounded feminine silhouette. Rear bands lend support to lumbar area easing lower back strain. Size is determined by waist measurement in inches. All sales are final


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