Kitty Kat Scratcher

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The purrr-fect scratch pad for your pet

Save your furniture, curtains, flooring & rugs. Don't declaw your cat, give them a suitable place to scratch instead with the Kitty Kat Scratcher™. It comes with a patented abrasive surface that works just like an emery board for your kitty and the special arch design is perfect for scratching and stretching. The Kitty Kat Scratcher™ has a durable base that comes infused with irresistible catnip. It also has an alluring cat toy that your cat will find absolutely delightful. Your precious feline will have hours of playful fun aboard the Kitty Kat Scratcher™ while grooming its claws and saving you thousands on costly furniture repairs. 


  • Grooms your cat's claws while it plays without harming your expensive furniture
  • Special arch design that promotes scratching and stretching
  • Infused catnip keeps kitty coming back
  • Patented abrasive surface that acts like a nail file 
  • Includes a playful toy your cat can't ignore
  • Great for of exercise

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