Jack and Dixie Vehicle Seat Protector with Bone Prints

Product # N62118
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  • Fits any size vehicle
  • Installs easily in any vehicle
  • Adjustable straps and openings for seat belts
  • Zippered skirt opens to accommodate all floor types
  • Perfect for any size pet
  • Protects from pet hair and accidents
  • Heavy gauge surface wipes clean effortlessly
  • Machine washable for repeated use
  • Dimensions: 56" x 55"

Keep your vehicle CLEAN and DRY!

Also great for couches, chairs and beds!

Prevent pet hair and accidents from soiling your car interior with the Vehicle Seat Protector. This heavy gauge, waterproof surface covers the entire rear seat and wipes clean effortlessly. Complete with adjustable straps and openings for seat belts. It’s completely adjustable to accommodate all floor types. Perfect for any size pet and can be used in any vehicle! Machine washable for convenience.

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