Weekly Pill Sorter & Organizer with Pill Cutter

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Weekly Pill Sorter & Organizer with Pill Cutter

  • COLOR CODED DAILY BOXES – Each with 4 compartments
  • SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS – Intuitive design to differentiate boxes
  • CLEAR PLASTIC – Always know how many pills you have left
  • BUILT IN DIVIDERS – Organize your pills easier
  • PORTABLE – Fits in a purse or small bag

Effortlessly organize and keep track of your pills with this intuitive new pill organizer. 7 color-coded boxes for each day of the week. Each with 4 compartments for different times of day. Built in dividers make organizing pills easier. Light and portable, fits in a purse or small bag.

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  • Includes one Weekly Pill Sorter & Organizer with Pill Cutter
  • Shipping and Handling: $2.00
    (S&H charges are applied per offer)
  • Shipping and taxes are extra and are paid at the time of checkout

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