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You too can live in bug and chemical free household with Riddex Plus.

Tired of those nasty bugs and creepy crawlies using your house as their home? Don’t want to keep nasty chemicals in your house?

Nasty roaches, mice and other bugs carry unwanted and harmful diseases with them when they decide to invade your home. Most repellents out there are no better, containing harmful chemicals that can prove dangerous to you, your family and the pets you love so dearly.

Introducing Riddex Plus, the environmentally friendly bug defense system. The chemical-free, eco-friendly, built-in Motorola® Microchip uses the wiring of your home to emit a harmless yet effective electromagnetic signal to safely repel mice, rats, or roaches within a week.

It is simple and economical to use – you will never need buy bug spray again. You could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars with Riddex Plus.

Just plug the compact unit in and you will get a pest free environment within days, one unit covers up to 2000 sq feet of floor space. The Riddex Plus also comes with a built-in night light to help you see at night with out needing to turn on overhead lights. No more waking up the entire house as you bang and crash your way to the bathroom. It even has a user friendly on/off switch for better efficiency!

This eco-friendly device allows you to live in a chemically free environment that is safe for you, your family and even your pets. Dogs, cats and other domesticated animals live comfortably with the Riddex Plus, with bugs and rodents fear nothing more.

  • Approx. 2” x 1”x 4” in size.
  • Safe And Effective Results!
  • Safely Repels, Ants, Spiders, Roaches, Mice & Rats
  • Live Chemical Free
  • No Need for Messy, Dangerous Traps!
  • Completely Safe For Your Kids & Pets!

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  • Includes one Riddex Plus
  • Shipping and Handling: $2.00 (S&H charges are applied per offer)
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